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Stomp-Toss Trainer

Stomp-Toss Trainer

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This is the original Stomp-Toss.  Designed to allow kids 8 and older to spend time hitting soft-toss solo.  All that is required is the Stomp-Toss, a bat and baseballs, and a hitting net.  Kids will spend hours outside using the Stomp-Toss.  

This training product promotes:

-Hand-eye coordination

-Keeping hands back

-Step before the swing


Boys and girls alike will love the Stomp-Toss, whether they play baseball or not. 

*Not intended for use with cleats

Patent Pending

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great Training Tool

I got this for my son and he really enjoyed using it. The ball height is different each time you “stomp” down on it (depending of how hard of “stomp” he does) which simulates different heights of a pitch. Him and his friends enjoy using it when they go to the park to get extra swings in.

Lisha Hoopes
Great soft toss tool

This is a good baseball fundamentals tool. It takes coordination which is what great baseball players need. We bought one for my 11 year old. He got used to it and has improved bat speed and better contact with the ball. Totally worth it.

Game-Like Soft Toss

What I love about the Stomp-Toss is the game-like experience it provides. The realistic soft-toss drills mimic what players would experience in a live game situation, helping them develop timing and swing mechanics. It's a perfect tool for solo training sessions or to have fun with friends and family.

Blair Frei
Amazing product! Great baseball hitting tool for all ages!

Amazing product! My kids are loving it. Great hitting tool and very well made. Impressed with the overall quality of the stomp-toss. Was very easy to set up, and the instructions were thorough with explaining the proper use. I set it up with my 8 year old and he picked it right up and wanted to just keep hitting with it. I'm excited to have the rest of his team use this at practice. Great tool that makes it so they don't need a soft toss partner. Would highly recommend to anyone!

Important information

  • The Stomp-Toss is built from extremely durable plastics, but should not be stored in the sun.

  • The hand piece is removable. The product comes with one replacement hand in the event one is broken. Replacement hands can be ordered.

  • This product is not intended for use with metal or plastic cleats. Cleats will destroy the stomp pad.

  • Please make certain the surrounding area is free of animals, people, or other obstacles to avoid injury.

  • See below for assembly instructions

  • See below for operating instructions

  • Shipping currently only available to locations within the United States.